Saturday, January 28, 2012

mantans weeps mixx

heres a mix i recorded there last night, while sippin on some lovely redbreast that john kavs brought me from ireland, fair play to him.

i have been buying alot of records since i got back to toronto, mostly at play de record which is great for second hand house and techno stuff. been trying to get them to order me in some newer things.
also the discogs addiction is gettin out of control, spending evenings adding and removing things from a the want list like a serious gomey.
but anyway yeah, bought a nice second hand set of technics when i got here and i brought a mixer with me.
decided to sell serato to fund buying more vinyl which still seems like a good decison a few months later.
so there are a fair few bit mashed together in here, i fooled myself for a short while with the thought that i would do it again to get it smoother but thats not going to happen, might as well just do a different one then, ya know, anywayss heres the music:

or click on the pic below for the download


linear movement - way out of living
raiders of the lost arp - rude 66 remix
john carpenter - halloween 2
naum babo - galena
gino felino- thank you for this world
john carpenter - Unheimliche Schattenlichter
oppenheimer analysis - radiance
tropic of cancer - temporal vessels
shoes edit - love and happiness
inner gaze -whats your body doing tonight
z factor - thorn
kazino - binary
fockewolfe 190 - body heat
antonello gabelli - elephant song
gino felino - spend the night with you
oppenheimer analysis - washington
shriekback - My Spine Is The Bassline
pharaohs - what ????
arthur russell - lets go swimming - gem spa dub

Best Mixes from 2011

so i am a month late to the whole end of year list thing.
i read through a fair few of them over the christmas, the likes of fact magazine, little white earbuds, clone, boomkat etc.
i came across a few bits i would not have heard otherwise. that pj harvey album (let england shake) is cool, that deadly john fahey collection that was mentioned in the boomkat list was great stuff altogether, oh and they mentioned kevin drumm imperial distortion which i hadn't heard before and is real good kinda dark ambient stuff.
From little white earbuds lists the roman flugel album which i had overlooked during the year is pretty good ,,,, but anyway yeah, this is not supposed to be a list of music i discovered in lists of music, it is supposed to be a list of mixes for listening to.
i spent most of my time listenin to dj mixes, as opposed to albums, (with a few exceptions)
here are some links to a bunch of mixes that managed to survive the weekly file cull on my always running out of space laptop, right through to the end of 2011.
not all from 2011 but definitely mixes i listened to alot last year

TLR - Falling
deadly mix of slow italo and the likes. cant go wrong starting off with some savage. The original description of the mix is "deep and tearjerking slowjams exploring the darker side of the innerself". bang on really

bleep podcast 165 - the roots of trance
great mix by dave mothersole based on his experience of goa in the 80's and the music being played. expect italo, new beat, hi- nrg type of fun

great mix from the rush hour man, and he plays the prince track the future at the end, cant go wrong with that.

mix from some lads from glasgow that run a night called stay plastic, a good mix of house and techno with some depeche mode edit thrown int he middle for good measure. i cant remember how i ended up with this, was the soundtrack to driving to body and soul in the summer though, well this and the TLR mix.

fairly pounding minimal techno groove. listened to this while running alot.

love supreme vol 1
a lovely mix by mynameisjohn to promote his event of the same name in limerick, volume 1 was listened to on many the sunday morning. i cant find a link to the first episode of this so the above link brings you to the most recent one instead.

deadly mix from alan that he played at jigs and rigs during the summer, grinding rock music.
had me with the swans and grinderman.

sprawling mix of odd tunes and electro goodness, from the tothebone website. that supermax tune at the start is great. had me straight on the discogs.

stomper of a live techno mix from mr vogel from 1995. came across it on mark hawkins blog which has plenty of good mixes up on it. anyway this is great high energy pounding and wonky. good for the running too.

live mix from john heckle great introduction to alot of his tracks for me, had me pick up the album as soon as i could. well good.

great mix from lerosa on the briliant sunday times soundsystem blog
i kept coming back to this mix, great selection of tracks.
dont know much about this guy, really liked the mix though, alot of more up to date uk bass sounds in there. house garage etc

mcde dj kicks mix
only dj kicks mix i checked out last year, well actually checked the scuba one too but it was well boring so it got deleted. this is also the only mix i paid for, picked up the vinyl and got the free download with it, some cool stuff in there from sun ra to rob hood to rick poppa howard. it was that poppa howard track that got me.....

matt whitehead powerhouse megamix
title says it all really, jam packed mix of classic old house tunes from matt whitehead hosted by spannered. serious fun. listened to this alot while driving during the summer and in mexico. also reminds me i gotta pick up his new 12 on rebel intelligence.
mix of dark synthy krautrock and new wave sorta stuff from marcel dettmann . from chris and cosey to the cure to ultravox

joe hart maniac cop mix part 1
mix from the world unknown man, lots of tracks i had never heard before. chugging synths and a dark new beat and disco sort of buzz. really liked the richard bone and kirlean camera tracks near the end.

Beni - SFS - live mix from poland
live techno mix . detroit styles lots of old and new in there. starting out with jaguar, sweet...

raime you cant hide your head crack
real interesting mix of dark wave music from the 80's. kind of an influences mix from Raime, or a starting point for the aesthetic of the label, blackest ever black. none of which i really knew beforehand. first track so good.

murderbot - new beat mixtape
so murderbot did a mix a week for a year. this is the new beat one, deadly mix of big new beat tunes, well worth checkin out all the other mixes up there, he gets pretty specific with the themes, some great ones in there though. freestyle one and the ghettotech ones,,, all up here

andrew weatherall - live at rockness
slow chuggin balearic sorta vibes, weatherall is the man.

animal collective all tommorows party mix
this is great, cant find a link for it online though,, worth checkin it out.

One worht mentioning which i have checked out alot of the last few years is fun in the murky
the blog run by trevor wilkes, lots of great mad out of it wonky techno mixes up there. he called it quits on the weekly podcast this year unfortunately but still has everything archived

some other must check sites and blogs for mixes that got me through 2011
lads based in cork- an absolute trove of deadly mixes on their site.

pcp and declan kaboogie on the weekly radio show, check it every week. great stuff

podcast series and gigs by mynameis john. defo worth a visit

serious resource here. loads of great mixes and articles, techno, house,... the whole lot of it.....

world unknown
london based club night and label run by joe hart and andy blake. again a heap of great interesting mixes here

weekly italo based radio show coming out of london, non stop.

absolutley great weekly podcast from rockabilly dj and vinyl collector bill smoker. serious fun and great rock and roll

as always interesting, rupture keeps it real. tried checkin out his protege lamin's show on wfmu too its pretty good, good track selection.

dj with some great mixes based on different themes and labels

regular podcast with some great stuff

beats in space is work scoping too it think, coming out of NY with tim sweeney

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

downrock mixtapee

(just re-converted the mp3 file, was wierd clippin/poppin noises in it before)
new mix,
well more of a mixtape, no mixing like.
good tracks though,
krautrock, post punk sorta stuff

new mixes soon too, sellin serato to fund buying new records, lots of italo like..

or download here

Human League - circus of death
Barbara morgenstern - morbus basedow
Grauzone - raum
Swans - cry me a river
Grauzone - hinter den bergen
dna - size
Grinderman - when my baby comes
tunnel vision - watching the hydroplanes
mariln mansion - i put a spell on you
Koko Taylor - up in flames
seefeel - rip run
swans - eden prison
swans - i wanna be your dog
bauhaus - dark entries
timbre timbre magic arrows
anbb - i wish i was a mole in the ground
haunted george - theme from dark shadows
grinderman - worm tamer
a certain ratio - all night party
the raincoats - shouting out loud
electrelane - eight steps
brian eno - two forms of anger
the raincoats - go away
the raincoats - dancing in my head
sparklehorse + fennesz - music box of snakes
suicide - i remember

Thursday, March 10, 2011

18.00 Mixxx

18.00 Lost at heart

not really a mix as much as a mixtape,,, 90 minutes long so perfect for sticking on a cassette, which is what im gonna do i think,, and send it in the post to Seb
rock and roll and punk and things
after work affair, stick it on with a snakebite

Play it here:

Or Download it here


anton lavey - satan takes a holiday
messer chups - fntomasophobia
the strangers - caterpillar crawl
Them - baby please don't go
haunted george - big chief wooden head
the cramps - garbageman
messer chups ghost ride to west
the chips - rubber biscuits
gene vincent and the blue caps - be bop a lula
messer chups - popcorn
suicide - ghost ride
lou reed - this magic moment
electrelane -on parade
delta 5 - mind your own business
métal urbaine - colt 45
jay reatard - puppet man
the dirtbombs- cosmic cars
gang gang dance - vacuum
grinderman - heathen child
bauhaus - dive
the pop group - we are all prostitutes
a certain ratio - shack up
Tuxedomoon -no tears electro
the slits - shoplifting
sham 69 - hurry up harry
jay retard - faking it
holy fuck - red lights
lightning bolt - funny farm
crass - well do they
dead kennedy's moon over marin
the kingsmen - louie louie
anton lavey - satan takes a holiday
moriarty boogie woogie - organ version

Monday, January 17, 2011

21:00 MIxxx

just moved in with kavs, he has a sexy controller yoke and maps for traktor, so gave it two lashes.
its a might might head out one:::

Listen to it here::

Download it here:


nochexxx - ritalin love
Braiden - the alps
mj cole & wiley- from the drop (l-vis 1990 remix)
altered natives - raises out
funkineven - heartpound
raffertie - horse flesh
neil landstrumm & bill youngman - russian poison
squire of gothos - dark thing
don boys - balls out
egyptrixx - liberation front
bok bok & cubic zirconia - reclash
baobinga & mensal - this ones wavy
A-Force - UZN
ransomer & fife - on a roll
Hypno - Go Shorty
jack sparrow feat ruckspin - dread
mosca - tilt shift (burgaboy remix)
addison groove - footcrrab vip
nikki minaj - monster - kingdon remix

9:00 MIXXX

New mix of tunes,,
still up and sleaze

play it here::

download her here::


nochexxx - timepiece
dj qu - secret place
instra:mental - let's talk
reality or nothing - untitled (98 original demo)
person sound - indelible
feadz - the assistant manager
oracy - bass mood
peter van hoesen - defense against the self
marcel dettmann - lyrate
ben klock - grasp
joy orbison - bb
ben klock feat elif bicer - goodly sin (robert hood remix)
braiden - the alps (kassem mosse fix)
dj qu - party people clap
a made up sound - demons
shed - my r-class
Fran Hartnett - Sword & Shield
that boy tim -down in the hole (sunil sharpe mix)
peter van hoesen - terminal
nhk - 1
radioactive man - uranium

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Central mixxx

mix of tunes that i played at this little party thing in a bar full of asian people a couple of weeks ago,
it was good craic ... think the next one i do will be a bit heavier and on the techno tip..

play mix here:

or download from here:


cosmin trg - breton brut
martyn feat spaceape - is this insanity - ben klock remix
egyptrixx - everybodys bleeding
baobinga and cosmin trg - i get ruff
mr mageeka- different lekstrix (lvis1990 remix)
zed bias - neighbourhood - roska remix
l vis 1990 - zahonda
samo sound boy - wacka flock
modeselektor - art & cash (phon o remix)
kode 9 - yout dont wash - martyn remix
roska and untold - myth
roska - squark
dj c - jump up and bounce
optimum - max power
kingdom - that mystic
chief biome - shake them dreads
baobinga - wine up dub
lv feat okmalumkoolkat - boomslang
kanji kinetic - thrill seeka - kingdom remix
scuba - latch - will saul and mike monday remix
lone - pineapple crush
infiniti - game one
ikonika and optimium - aqueous cream
julio bashmore - footsteppin

Sunday, October 24, 2010



New mix,,, party time techno job,,,
play below

or download from this link:

tracklisting :

buckfunk 3000 - jump
ben pest - jumpadelic
cristian vogel - whipspank - tube jerk remix
clark volcan veins
the advent - bad boy - planetary assault systems remix\
hack the tab - blipvert
paul birken - grease trap
ronan dunne - D01 solid
MZO - eartheaters - Meca more sun remix
Tsr - three men pumping batman
micheal foresaw - on your knees
sebastian prelar - freakt ho's
chrissy murderbot - jack yr body
lukes anger dirty on the floor
thomas bangalter - roule boule
hanuman - bola - murderbot remix
waxmaster - footwork
dj funk - booty perk u later
micheal foresaw - turn around touch the ground

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mongting - Mysharona mix - June

new mix of tunessss

play below

or download with the linkage

tracklisting :

jamie lidell - another day - rusty remix
ramadanman - glut
roska - squark
ikonika - idiot
sekta feat spoek mathambo - peterpan (julio_bashmore_remix)
hackman - multicultural
kalbata - wallabee - cosmin trg remix
shortstuff - tripped up -ramadanman remix
lil silva - perfussion
no more - red-light and toddla t remix
sam tiba - barbie weed
mj cole - thekla riddim
mestizo - spray
rusk0 - woo boost- totally krossed out remix
bok bok - dance report
Moderat - Seamonkey (Surgeon Remix)
doc daneeka - drums in the deep
planetary assault systems - x speaks to x
a made up sound - crisis
dj madd - detroit skank
anti pop consortium - reflections

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Got to play tunes at a K club the last week, was great buzz.
heres a mix with most of the same tunes in it,,,,,
no more mixes for a while now till i get decks sorted in canada , gotta get a fuckin job first though,, anyway,, shcope it out

or download here:


sinden & SBTRKT - Kind of familiar
roska - tomorrow is today
natalie storm & footsteps - play di ting
lil silva - a million
mj cole - thekla riddim
hot city - no more
Mosca - square one (julio Bashmore Longhorn remix)
redlight feat roses gabor - stupid (instrumental)
diamond k/al ripen jr - hands in the air (book book remix)
rusko - woo boost (douster remix)
udachi & jubilee - smoke rings (dre skull remix) - it'll be alight (squire of gothos remix)
buckfunk 3000 - high volume (kanji kinetic remix)
piddy py _ giggle riddim
SDUK - clunge
swindle - airmiles
zulu vs T2 - bodybroken - steakhouse mash up
dj donna summer - rock rock rock (aron spectre remix)
rossi b & luca (feat killa p) - E10 riddim
zoom t - durty money

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

mongting - early mourning mix

just got those mount kimbie remix ep's there a couple of weeks ago and thought they were awesome, so stuck together a mix featuring most of the tracks off the m in with a few others with a similar buzz going on in them, couple of ropey mixes (especially around that scuba track)... and damn that ben klock remix with the space ape vocal is banging...
much more dancefloor funky mix up in a week or so.....

or right click save as here:


Mount Kimbie - serged - faltydl mix
forensics feat indi kaur - all to waste - atki2 mix
falty dl - st.marks
mount kimbie - william - tama sumo & prosumer mix
martyn feat spaceape - is this insanity - ben klock mix
cardopusher - its yesterday already
sbtrkt - 2020
mount kimbie - at least - instra:mental mix
ramadanman - dont change for me
scuba - three sided shape
f -energy distortion untold mix
joy orbison - the shrew would have cushioned the blow
mount kimbie - maybes - james blake mix
instra:mental - tranma
xi - glass

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mongting - danceflaw mix - march

way more dancefloor this time
grime,bassline,dubstep craic

or right click save as here to d/l:

Breakage - Higher
Durty Goodz -Upset Me
Wascal - End Level Boss
Terror Danjah - Acid
Royal T - Beat fighter
Eprom -Hendt
Slugabed - Quantum Leap
Raffertie - anti social ( remix)
Rustie - Bad Science
Taz Buckfaster - Half man half trout
Star Eyes - Disappear (dexplicit remix)
Major lazer -pon de floor (flufftronix remix)
Raffertie - Pumpin like reeboks
Mosca - Square one (l-vis 1990 refix)
high rankin - Meow meow (intro)
Reso - Octacon
Octa Push - Dubshh
Cosmin TRG - strobe lick
Breakage - Hard (caspa & the others remix)
Wascal - the lesson
Vibezin - I need you
L vis 1990 - Hide
DVA - bullet a go fly (dusk and blackdown remix)
Chimpo - Spectrum skank
Raffertie - 7th dimension

Mongting - colourudy haze mix - february

dubstep and stuff, more chilled less dancefloor type buzz
gammy grounding hum for first two tracks goes after that though!!!

or right click save as here:

El - B - The club - Ghost
Groove Chronicles -1999 - dpr records
smith and mighty- B-line if blow
boxcutter - mya rave2
ikonika- fish
hyetal - gold
joker - untitled rsn
mark pritchard & commas kieth - wind it up
milanese - unique 3 -take this love remix
sully -phonebox
hyetal & shortstuff - ice cream
2000f& j kamata - you don't know what love is
Sully - jackmans rec
von d -nouvelle histoire
deadboy - u cheated
joy orbison -brkln clln
lil wayne - i feel like dying -flying lotus mix
untold - i cant stop this feeling - pangea mix
cauto - despertar
darkstar - need you
headhunter - sex at prom
starkey - miracles - jamie vexd remix
joker - 80's
aardvark - whitelabel
the xx - basic space - mount kimbie remix